Top Five From LAIY: Week Of April 8

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of April 8

Painting Place: An Interview With Fleurette West
Artist Fleurette West is really inspired by her surroundings. Her paintings are about place but do not represent how the place looks: she represents how the place feels. She ties all of this together in ways that are bright and abstract and really do give a feel for a part of town. Her story of getting to art through behavioral sciences is fascinating, too.

Helping Urs Fischer At MOCA
Urs Fischer has a huge MOCA show coming up. What is he doing for it? He had tons of LA people make clay things for him. Not just little things: people went batshit insane and made huge, crazy clay pieces for him. We went and helped him out and, boy, was it wild. You may see some familiar items at the show, namely a black fox.

Wandering Through Pink Offices: Stephen Prina’s As He Remebered It
LACMA’s entry into the new, not-as-hyped Pacific Standard Time architecture show is a collection of Shindler furniture painted bright pink and organized like they are in an invisible house. What is this? Stephen Prina’s As He Remembered It, a show based on his seeing a bright pink Schindler desk in an office window on La Brea that obviously did not belong. It’s a really special show.

Duc Kien US Jean Jackets
Duc Kien US is hoping to be your new jean maker. How are they getting their start? With a really sleek jean jacket that is super, super streamlined and very nice. They’re currently Kickstarting the effort and have already gotten lots of accolades, namely by way of GQ. If you are looking for a light jacket, consider purchasing this affordable, high-end item.

Graphic designer Victoria Macey is inspired by what she sees in Los Angeles. What does this mean? She has been taking imagery that surrounds her and turning it into very neat, abstract patterns. It’s a very simple concept and the link between pattern and reference is balanced so delicately that you have to pay attention to them. We love these!

Some items that barely missed the cut: we have a new series called Where Shall We Meet? that suggests meeting and working places in LA and one of our contributors found a hidden Noguchi museum in Costa Mesa.

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