Finding Inspiration in High Fashion

Louis Vuitton Insect Purse Ad

For the last two days Kyle and I have been hanging out in Las Vegas. Yesterday was my mother’s 60th birthday and she wanted to spend it here. I haven’t been here for about 5 or 6 years, but in that short period of time things have changed quite a bit. It’s more polished, less kid-friendly, but essentially how it was. We ended up staying at the Aria, an extremely contemporary casino that was opened in 2009. It actually fits me and Kyle quite well, eschewing the kitch of most Las Vegas hotels.

Situated next to the Aria though is essentially a super fancy mall called Crystals at City Center. There are shops from all the major fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Gucci, Saint Laurent, etc. It’s Rodeo Drive contained in a beautiful, Daniel Libeskind designed building (which also happens to be LEED+ certified). Walking around the shops I started to take notice of just how on-point everything was, how all the details were done right. This isn’t necessarily a surprise by any means, but when you look at these shops from purely a design perspective it’s actualyl quite fascinating.

Below are a series of photos I took of the Crystals, the interiors and exteriors of shops, and so on. I found a lot of inspiration in these, so I thought I’d post share them. Perhaps you’ll find something that piques your interest as well?













April 12, 2013