The Surreal and Beautiful Illustrations of Marina Muun

Marina Muun - Departure

Marina Muun - lava boy final

I recently discovered the work of Marinna Muun and I love it! Born in Bulgaria, Munn says that she “grew up all over the place” and now is currently based in the UK. To me, her work feels quite mystical. Her acrylic paintings and digital illustrations mix the unnatural and the supernatural to create characters and illustrations that feel somewhat spiritual or ritualistic.

Munn’s color choices are particularly ace and I love how she mixes the visual-language of the unnatural with that of nature. That top image is especially brilliant! You can check out more of her work by visiting her portfolio here.

Marina Muun - Rain Deity

Marina Muun - REACH FOR THE STARS 3-2

Marina Muun - untitled

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