This Type Is Just The Ticket: Mono45 Headline by Europa Type

Mono45 Headline by Europa Type

Swiss studio Europa Type has caught my eye with a typeface that’s both tall and tough. Mono45 Headline was actually inspired by tickets used for people waiting to be inoculated.

Mono45 Headline is an uppercase font which has got its origins in tickets issued by the university hospital in Zurich for queuing up to get inoculated. The idea for this font bases on these stamped tickets numbers, which are distinctive monospaced figures. The font is thought to be a headline typeface and it reminds with its strong character and rustic charm of old condensed poster typefaces and such used in factories or for industrial purposes.

What I think is great is the strength and the quirks of the letterforms. It definitely has a strong industrial feel, you could easily see this on the side of an old conveyer belt in a sawmill. But I really appreciate it for it’s unique characteristics that you see in the J, K, 4, and the 7. What’s also kinda cool is that the typeface is also available as a Webfont and in Typekit, in case you want to use it on your next web design project.

April 9, 2013 / By