Top Five From LAIY: Week Of April 1

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of April 1

Combining Influences: An Interview With Rebecca Farr
Rebecca Farr is a really great painter. She’s recently been tapping into using collage work to make pieces, which are very focused on the idea of Manifest Destiny and mass movements of people. She does super fascinating stuff! Her studio is really awesome too and, surprisingly, she is one of the few artists that we’ve featured who we’ve actually gotten to document in the act of making art.

Paper Alphabet
Artist and designer Jeanie Chong is a bit obsessed with words and letters. She’s done a few projects that document this obsession but her most recent, Paper Alphabet, is likely her best. Using origami triangles, she made the entire alphabet. She touches different fonts and styles and movements, all framed within this typographic art project. We love it!

Wrong is the latest film from Quentin Dupieux, AKA Mr. Oizo. He’s an Angeleno and he has a super, super bizarro take on filmmaker and, in Wrong, he lets it all hang out. It rains indoors, people paint each others cars, trees shapeshift, dogs ride buses, etc., etc., etc.: it’s an absurdist wonderland. And it is hysterical. The film is running in very limited release. Thankfully, Cinefamily gave the movie a little week long residency, which is how we caught it.

Handsome Coffee Gets Nudie Aprons
Nudie Jeans are getting all up in everyone’s business in Los Angeles! Their latest effort is working with the very hip barista people at Handsome Coffee: they’ve made them aprons. They’re very high quality and very simply done. You can also purchase them from Handsome, too.

Zackary Drucker Is A Beautiful Blonde Monster For Luke Gilford
Every so often an art project comes along where you have to stop whatever you are doing and share it. This is what happened with a collaboration between artist Zackary Drucker and photographer Luke Gilford. The two teamed up to dress Zackary up like a beautiful monster and placed her in very normal activities. The result is this symbolic monster shot absolutely beautifully that reflects the monstering of the transgendered community in society. It’s such a well done, efficient, beautiful, funny project. We dig it.

A few other things! If you are in LA, we highly suggest you enter our contest to win tickets to the Brooklyn Festival. All you have to do is tell us where you think the Brooklyn of LA is. That’s it! Also, because we’re super proud of these, we made some ridiculous April Fools posts to give people a laugh: check them out here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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