Shlomo and Jeremih Come Together for “Bo Peep (Do U Right)”

Shlomo and Jeremih Come Together for "Bo Peep (Do U Right)"

Yours Truly, SF based music documentarians, have spent the better part of the last year videotaping some of the more innovative trendsetters in music. Be it the newest smoldering Los Angeles IT-girl or a new soul singer, they have chronicled some of the best emerging artists in the past few years. Recently, they taped Shlomo and Jeremih while they worked on a new single.

Shlomo, a friend of friends, is emerging as a real Los Angeles favorite. Chicago’s own Jeremih might be known for his ubiquitous single “Birthday Sex,” but that doesn’t mean the young star shies away from riskier, ambitious productions. The video above chronicles the process. Shlomo does his thing, expertly blending the UK garage and R&B sounds into a swirling seductive mash. Jeremih’s ability to switch between falsetto and a staccato chorus remains impeccable. Could there be a better collaboration in 2013? I doubt it.

April 4, 2013 / By