Redesigning the Save Icon

Redesigning the Save Symbol

There’s a really great thread on Branch going on discussing ideas for updating the Save icon. If you’re any kind of designer you’ve probably had that discussion with your peers or friends of how outdated the floppy disk icon is, and how it certainly doesn’t make sense for a younger audience who are more familiar with clouds over floppy disks. The group of 13 designers go into a lot of detail like the semantics of the word, the history of how we got here and so on.

My personal favorite was the example above by Aaron Delani.

In my head “Save” was a verb to apply a state, “Saved” and its been that way for many years. When we make a change to data, its former state becomes incomplete, as we “Save” we actually overwrite a previous version, or state. Looking at Git, games, and other applications, the “Saved” state no longer applies since we sometimes have no control of the “saved” state.

My idea for this issue is to symbolize the state of the data that is being written relative to the data that was written in the past. Fragmenting a circle is quite effective in illustrating completeness.

April 4, 2013