A Colorful Brand Identity for Keukenconfessies


Keukenconfessies by Raw Color

It’s always a joy to find inspiring brand imagery. Keukenconfessies (Kitchen Confessions) is an Eindhoven-based food design company with an incredibly creative brand identity. Created by Netherlands design studio Raw Color, the logo is ever changing and represents the company’s adherence to elevating cuisine through environment and food. Much more than a catering service, Kitchen Confessions promises to transform any event into a sensorial adventure, whether your food is served in a drawer or on a conveyor belt.

Thus, when challenged with an ever-changing logo, Raw Color created a series of spare food illustrations with minimal type. The results speak to the brand’s inherent playfulness and can be used in marketing as they see fit. Is that an apple on a stick? Do they offer purple sausage made of beets? Will cocktails be garnished with leaves? The branding draws you in and tickles the imagination. The only criticism I have is that the letterhead isn’t for sale and the logos aren’t available as prints.

Keukenconfessies by Raw Color

April 4, 2013 / By