The Continuing Greatness of Illustrator Janine Rewell

Janine Rewell - Ometepe

I featured the work of the Finnish illustrator and designer Janine Rewell on The Fox Is Black nearly two-years ago. Since then it would seem that her work has only gone from strength-to-strenghth. Jaine studied at both Helsinki’s University of Art and Design, as well the Rhode Island School of Desgin, and she now lives and works in Helsinki where she is represented by the wonderful Agent Pekka.

Janine Rewell - Teapot

Since I last checked in with Janine she’s been really busy, holding both solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. She has also been illustrating for an impressive number of clients including Toyota, Nokia, Swarovski, Businessweek and Finnair. I particularly love the limited edition teapot she designed for Crate & Barrel last year as part of their 50th anniversary collection.

Janine Rewell - Arla

The variety of Janine’s work is what I think I like most about it. Her illustrations can be seen in a number of places including on posters and in magazines. It’s also been painted on porcelain, displayed in Christmas windows and even features on packaging design (such as the Arla Filmjolk sour milk packaging seen above).

Janine Rewell - Brummell

Janine Rewell has a particularly nice website so make sure to give it a visit as soon as you can and check out more of her great work!

Janine Rewell - Wrap Print

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