“Sunsets and Clocks” by Anenon

'Sunsets and Clocks' by Anenon

Anenon is the musical moniker of L.A. based musician Brian Allen Simon, and he’s just released a new EP titled Sunsets and Clocks.

Anenon recorded ‘Sunsets and Clocks’ in the weeks directly preceding a whirlwind tour of Japan, where expectations and preconceptions (both false and true), collided over and over again in anticipation of the trip to come. In this collection of songs, Brian Allen Simon shares that intimate space, where he was both highly conscious of the relentless march of time and simultaneously removing himself from it, delving into an inner space where the lack of time smeared memories, fantasies, and fears into one another.

The title track above is something I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past week or so. It’s got this saxophone part that loops over and over that’s absolutely beautiful. Add in some hand claps and steady backbeat and you’ve got yourself quite an infectious track. He also has a limited edition book of photos that’s meant to accompany the album, providing a visual element to the musical tracks.