Make a Music Video for OK Go


If there’s any one band known for its music videos it’s OK Go. The LA-based quartet began making indie rock in the early 2000’s only to have their career explode following the release of the music video “Here it Goes Again”, which featured the band performing a choreographed dance number on treadmills. Within six days of being posted on You Tube, the video had one million views, and it catalyzed a clever, over-the-top video style the band has continued to cultivate ever since. They’ve worked with trained dogs, toast, the dance company Pilobulus, and even collaborated on an intricate (and truly amazing) Rube Goldberg Machine experiment. But for their next video they want you to come up with something.

Currently recording their new album, OK Go have partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi and Talenthouse for a music video challenge. They’ve released the new track “I’m Not Through” and ask that aspiring filmmakers use it to make a video for the band. Lead singer Damian Kulash asks that people “make a good video… a boundary pushing video.” No pressure, of course, but if their last video for “Needing Getting” is any indication, ingenuity, insanity, and a whole lot of fun will be requirements.

April 2, 2013