Bartkira: Perhaps the greatest artistic mash-up ever?

Bartkira by Ryan Humphrey

Artists James Harvey and Ryan Humphrey have brewed up what just might be one of the coolest art projects I’ve seen in quite a while: Bartkira. The goal of the project is recreate all 6 volumes of Akira using characters from The Simpsons to tell the story, a massive goal. Each participant would have to create 5 pages each, meaning 768 people would need to participate to finish all six volumes. As it turns out, that wasn’t a problem as 768 have already signed up. Pretty cool, right?

(Also, I think it’s important to point out that yes, Ralph is Akira, so why is it called Bartkira? Well, Akiralph doesn’t do a good job of communicating what the project is about. Before you read this post you instantly knew that this was about Bart Simspon and Akira.)

As for the story itself you have Bart as Kaneda, Milhouse as Tetsuo, and of course, Ralph Quimby as Akira. You can click here for a full rundown of all the characters. Under the jump I’ve included some of the art from the project that I really liked. You can also see a bunch of other Bartkira art by checking out the Bartkira tag on Tumblr.

Ryan Humphrey - Bartkira

Ryan Humphrey - Bartkira

Ryan Humphrey

Cameron Stewart - Bartkira

Cameron Stewart - Bartkira

Cameron Stewart

Martyn Jasinski - Bartkira

Headsofbirds aka M. Jasinski

Claire Sullivan - Bartkira

Claire Sullivan

Count Pagan - Bartkira

Count Pagan

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