RL Grime & Salva Remix Jamie Liddell’s “What A Shame”

RL Grime & Salva

Maybe it’s the Boiler Room effect. Or the whirlwind success that seems to accompany the D-I-Y-in-mommas-bedroom-when-you’re-under-25 beatmaking crew. But the world of pop production and “indie” production consistently overlaps. One minute you’re slaving in the basement and the next moment you’re sending beats to the A$AP Mob and Yeezy wants to sample you. Ok that doesn’t happen to everybody – it just appears that way.

So the pairing of RL Grime and Salva makes all the sense in the world. Two of LA’s more sought after producers, they earlier struck gold on their collaboration on the GOOD Music hit ‘Mercy’. As RL Grimes ascends through some Mad Decency and Salva takes sets from Low End Theory and Power 106, any further collaborations are just icing on the cake. Somehow combining a bit of trap, UK Garage and Liddell’s songwriting chops, the remix of “What a Shame” is a mover and a shaker. The original comes from the Liddell’s self titled record from this year. A banger in its own right. Liddell, for all his neo-soul crooniness, remains a purveyor of the underground beat scene. With these dudes at the helm, I just have to say: they know just when to drop the beat. Headphones users and people with subwoofers be warned.

April 1, 2013 / By