Record packaging is taken to the next level with this cast sugar case from Ghostly

Beacon's The Way We Seperate sugar record packaging

My friends at Ghostly International always seem to be innovating in the most interesting ways, especially when it comes to art. They have beautiful design and art pieces by Michael Cina, stunning folded paper pieces by Matthew Shilan, and now they’re getting pretty conceptual with this limited edition packaging for Beacon’s upcoming record, The Way We Separate.

Beacon's The Way We Seperate sugar record packaging

The deluxe edition, entitled simply “TWWS,” was conceived and created by Brooklyn-based sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo. The sculpture, which also serves as a housing for the limited rose colored vinyl, is made from epoxy coated cast sugar and is produced in an exclusive edition of 20 (plus 3 APs).

I think it’s pretty nuts that they did this, in a good way. The idea of record packaging made of sugar both excites me and makes me nervous at the same time. As a concept though it’s pretty brilliant. When we think of sugar we think of fragility, but the fact that it’s mixed with an epoxy means that it should hold up really well (though I’d be extremely careful if you choose to purchase one).

The Ghostly team also made a short of of the production process which you can see below. As you can imagine (and as I described before) it’s both intriguing but slightly nerve wracking, especially when he takes apart the mold. Pretty awesome idea though.

Beacon's The Way We Seperate sugar record packaging

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