‘Heritage’, a brand new album from College filled with dark, 80’s inspired beats

Heritage by College

I know it’s April Fools’ Day and all, but it looks like Rdio is streaming a brand new album from College, the guy who did the amazing soundtrack to Drive, and as far as my ears are concerned, it’s pretty good.

Continuing where he left off from Drive, David Grellier (as he’s also known) has released a solid collection of songs ready for your consumption. The album, titled Heritage, has a definite M83 undertone but without all the hooting and hollering, sticking to a solid set of beats. I’d say it also sounds like a dark and mysterious 80’s film where mystery lies around each corner. I was browsing around his record label’s website and found this gem which I think gives a good frame of reference of how the sound of the album came about.

When I was a child I drew a lot, feeding my imagination with cartoons and collections of illustrations borrowed from the library. Several months ago, while I was unpacking some boxes during a move, I came across one of my sketches from that time and, with it, a multitude of memories resurfaced. I realised then the fascination that works like ‘Starwatcher’ had exerted over me and how formative French Science Fiction had been in the way I compose music.

With this album, I wanted to pay tribute to those wonderful artists that include, among others, René Laloux, Jean Chalopin, Bernard Deyriès, Shuki Levy and obviously Moebius, whose recent death I learned of when I had finished writing ‘Heritage’. Having such profound admiration for the work of Jean Giraud makes the melancholic accents of the record resonate with me today in a very special way…

You can also buy it on iTunes by clicking here.

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