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The Fox Is Black’s 10 Essentials for Travelling Comfortably

The Fox Is Black 10 Travel Essentials

Traveling, especially to a place you may be unfamiliar with, is usually stressful. Unplanned delays or overly chatty neighbors on the plane; you’re never sure what you might end up with. That’s why I find it critical to pack just the right things, not too much and not too little, to make sure that you’re properly prepared. Below are the essential items I brought with me to Iceland that made sure I was connected, stylish, and most importantly, warm.

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Would You Live Inside an Iceberg?

Isbjerget Iceberg Aarhus Denmark JDS Architects, Cebra, SeARCH and Louis Paillard

An ocean or two away in Aarhus, a team of four architects has finished Isbjerget, a residential project on the waterfront of Denmark’s second-largest city. The pointy-roofed Iceberg is a collaboration between JDS ArchitectsCebraSeARCH and Louis Paillard. All great firms, but it’s especially exciting for me to see the project finish because I feel like I witnessed the conception of the project at the desk next to mine while I worked at JDS. And what does it take to conceive architecture? A lot of blue foam.

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The Desktop Wallpaper featuring Julie Lee

Julie Lee Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Julie Lee

Back in January staff writer Andi Teran posted about the work of Julie Lee, a Los Angeles based artist who created the most amazing food collages. I remember seeing those beautiful pieces filled with beet ends and slices of peach with a garnish of lemon zest laid out in an almost wallpaper-esque pattern. I thought they were so beautiful, and immediately I began to wonder if she’d do a wallpaper for the site?

I wrote her and luckily enough she said she’d make something. So we plotted a bit and decided that she should make a beautiful wallpaper for the first day of Spring, which is today for those of us in the northern hemisphere. It also happens to be my grandma’s birthday, so a big happy birthday to her! It might be difficult to see in the small preview above but her wallpaper features a combination of food stuffs paired with vibrantly colored flowers. You’ll find a bit of asparagus, a peeled snap pea, some lavender, a little broccolini… you get the picture.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new wallpaper!

Han Kjøbenhavn Menswear Opens First U.S. Store

Han Kjøbenhavn Store NYC

Han Kjøbenhavn Store NYC

Han Kjøbenhavn is a menswear company founded in Copenhagen in 2008. Designers Jannik Wikkelso Davidsen and Tim Faith have been building a steady following ever since with their unique brand of timeless vintage workwear imbued with streamlined Danish design. There’s an easygoing wearability to the clothing and accessories (at an affordable price point too) and an unconventional rowdiness echoed in their marketing. And, luckily, with a retail space newly opened in New York City, the company is finally poised to reach a much larger audience.

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My Icelandic Soundtrack: Rhye and Nosaj Thing

Rhye & Nosaj Thing

In order to get to Reykjavík I had to fly from Los Angeles to Seattle, then take an hour 8 flight from Seattle directly to Reykjavík. It’s not the most difficult flight but it’s certainly taxing. To prepare myself for this trip I made sure to sync some of my favorite new albums on Rdio so that I had some music to listen to, even if I didn’t have a phone signal. As it turns out though, I really only listened to two albums for the majority of my trip: Woman by Rhye, and Home by Nosaj Thing.

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Cindy Sherman graces the cover of Garage Magazine No. 4

Cindy Sherman graces the cover of Garage Magazine No. 4

I was wandering around the bookstore when I stumbled upon this ingenious cover for Garage magazine featuring Cindy Sherman… well, sort of. The magazines 4th issue uses the theme of vanity as it’s starting point, dressing up four models in masks bearing the visage of Cindy Sherman. The effect is totally surreal. It reminds me a bit of something Chris Cunningham would have done back in the late 90’s or early 00’s. It comically skews the idea of what true beauty is into something else entirely, something equally engaging but in a confusing way. I think Patrick Demarchelier, the photographer, nailed this shot perfectly.

You can read more about the issue and it’s editor Dascha Zhukova on WWD by clicking here.

A Beautiful Minimilist Bathroom Basin by Note Design Studio

Step bathroom basin | Note Design Studio

Step bathroom basin | Note Design Studio - Sideview

Note Design Studio make some absolutely beautiful and unique work. In truth, I could have happily featured any piece of theirs on the site but today I’ve decided to focus on this really elegant bathroom basin.

Described as “the perfect blend of Italian craftsmanship and Nordic aesthetics”, the Swedish studio’s basin is particularly smart on account of it’s two-level design. I love how the sink’s upper-level holds a removable wooden decking which is just perfect for placing bathroom accessories on. It’s the ideal place to let your shaver drain-off or let your soap stay dry. Its combination of wood and ceramic strikes a perfect balance and I’d happily have one of these take pride and place in my bathroom.

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“Goldmine” by Kilo Kish (produced by Starslinger)

Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish seems to have her aesthetic planned out. The FIT grad has collaborated with Childish Gambino, SBTRKT, and members of the A$AP and OFWGKTA in under a year. And just last month she brought a lot of attention to herself because of the K+ mixtape she dropped (which you can listen to at the end of the post). That’s probably because she has a breeziness to her vocals, a style that floats somewhere between singing and rapping.

“Goldmine,” the first track off the mixtape, exists in a world of woozy seduction. As Starslinger and his Jet Jam parties begin to take over the globe (no really, the dude has 50k more followers on Soundcloud than Diplo and 100k more than Warp Records without even dropping an LP), the partnership of Starslinger and Kilo Kish appears inevitable and effortless. The reverbed drums, shaky strings, and chipmunk-esque vocals provide a seductive backdrop. Kilo Kish coos at the listener, begging, enticing us to believe that she has waited for someone like us. If it means a song like this, I’ll take that offer.

Smári: A Delicious New Icelandic Yogurt

Smári Icelandic Yogurt

Smári yogurt cows

Bobby’s trip to Iceland seems to continually inspire. I was wandering through the grocery store and came across this colorful new Smári organic Icelandic yogurt. Upon further investigation, I discovered that it’s actually made in Petaluma, California, out of milk from free roaming cows in Wisconsin. And these aren’t just any cows, they’re Jerseys and Guernseys, which make thicker, better tasting milk. Also? They have names, profiles, and personalities.

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