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What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about, in life?

Top 10 Life Lessons

I came across this thread on Quora about the top 10 things that we should be informed about in life and found the answers of Justin Freeman, pastor of a small evangelical church in southern Missouri, to be quite amazing. I found myself nodding along to everything that Freeman had written, but here are two points that I thought were particularly poignant.

3. Spend your life with rulebreakers. Marry them. Befriend them. Work with them. Spend weekends with them. No matter how much power you become possessed of, you’ll never be able to make someone care—so gather close the caring.

5. Money is expensive. I mean, it’s difficult to get your hands on sometimes—and you never know when someone’s going to pull the floorboards out from under you—so don’t be stupid with it. Avoid debt on depreciating assets, and never incur debt in order to assuage your vanity (see rule number one). Debt has become normative, but don’t blithely accept it as a rite of passage into adulthood—debt represents imbalance and, in some sense, often a resignation of control. Student loan debt isn’t always unavoidable, but it isn’t a given—my wife and I completed a combined ten years of college with zero debt between us. If you can’t avoid it, though, make sure that your degree is an investment rather than a liability—I mourn a bit for all of the people going tens of thousands of dollars in debt in pursuit of vague liberal arts degrees with no idea of what they want out of life. If you’re just dropping tuition dollars for lack of a better idea at the moment, just withdraw and go wander around Europe for a few weeks—I guarantee you’ll spend less and learn more in the process.

Setting the Standard with Fort Standard

Fort Standard trivets

Fort Standard vessels

Simple and functional—this is the ethos of design studio Fort Standard. Founded in 2011 by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings, the company specializes in everything from furniture design and home goods to innovative lighting and  jewelry pieces. They’re also responsible for store design including the new Steven Alan Home shop in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood.

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Great Photographs of Palm Desert by Julia Robbs

Palm Desert by Julia Robbs

Palm Desert by Julia Robbs

Julia Robbs is the type of photographer who takes photos of the life you wish you lived. Whether she’s drinking espressos in the French Alps, feeding pigeons in Paris or just hanging with friends in Big Sur, she always has a camera on hand and a great eye as a visual story-teller. I particularly love these shots of Palm Desert.

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“Diane Young” and “Step”, two new songs from Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampire of the City

I popped on to Rdio this morning and noticed that Vampire Weekend had a new single out called “Diane Young” (you’ll get it when you hear it) from their upcoming album Modern Vampire in the City. The song is peppy and upbeat, but also a little unconventional. It’s a bit surf rock and a bit 50’s pop sounding but with Ezra Koenig’s familiar vocals layered over the top of it all. The new record should be out on May 14 and this makes me pretty excited to hear it.

Update: Just went to the Vampire Weekend site (should have done that first) and noticed they had videos for “Diane Young” and the song “Step”. Gotta’ say I’m much more into “Step”, it’s simple and beautiful. A bit of harpsichord and some digitally altered vocals. Yes, please.

In Florida, NL Architects propose Pool Houses for a Canadian Entrepreneur

NL Architects Delrey Florida Pool House

NL Architects Delrey Florida Pool House

Amsterdam-based NL Architects have recently shared three versions of a project designed for a Canadian entrepreneur on the beach in Florida. If this seems like a strange mix of characters and settings to you, you’re not alone. The collaboration is not a product of rampant globalization, but one of logic. First, pools in Canada are frozen solid year round* so a beach house with a habitable pool had to be built elsewhere. Second, who, other than a Canadian, would scour architecture firms around the world, searching for the firm best equipped to build a nearly tropical beach house and decide to go with a firm in the Netherlands?

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Band of Outsiders Camo Travel print

Band of Outsiders Camo Travel print

I spotted this crazy print on Band of Outsiders Instagram and thought I’d share it. It’s certainly an interesting take on the classic camo print, bringing a bit of life and fun to it. You can see what it looks like in action by clicking here, which might be a bit much, but I’m sure there are some of you who could totally pull this off. And if you’re interested in seeing the full menswear spring 2013 collection you can click here.

Pretending it’s Summer: Glen Lake Tower by Balance Associates Architects



Every time I start packing away the winter sweaters and coats, a long string of cold days shows up on the forecast and I start to hate the axis of the earth for not tilting toward the sun more quickly. Days are getting longer (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere) but as close as summer seems to be, there is still too much snow on the ground for too many of us. 2013 is just another year that the groundhog lied to us all.

So I’ve been flipping through projects trying to find some that look summerish even if I’m not sure why seem that way. Counterintuitively, we’re starting in Michigan with a tall, skinny cabin that is probably absolutely miserable right now, so let’s just pretend that it’s summer. The Glen Lake Tower is a cabin on Glen Lake where Balance Associates Architects worked with the owners to come up with a warm and modern abode that hoisted off the ground to accomodate a covered parking area.

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Keaton Henson and Autumn de Wilde Collaborate on ‘Lying to You’ Music Video

Keaton Henson "Lying to You"

We’re big fans of British singer-songwriter Keaton Henson. Not only are his lyrics thoughtful and poetic, his delivery is so subtle and beautiful, his emotion seems to stir yours with every listen. Already an artist with an armful of thoughtful and interesting music videos that function more as short films, his latest, “Lying to You”, is a collaboration with photographer Autumn de Wilde. An ode to the teenage girl, it stars de Wilde’s enigmatic daughter, Arrow, as she traverses suburban streets dotted with cat topiaries and errant Winnebagos in such a way as to make you remember the pangs of adolescent loneliness. We were so taken with it, we recently spoke to de Wilde to find out more about her inspiration and process for the video.

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