Top Five From LAIY: Week Of March 25

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of March 25

The Traveller: An Interview With Maya Erdelyi
When you think of animation and animators, you don’t think of cut paper and fine artistry. This is probably because you are not familiar with the work of Maya Erdelyi, an animator who uses cut paper to maker her little films. She is super talented and is one of those people who is always on the go. We caught up with her in Winter and, funny enough, she’s already moved on from LA to her next habitat. What a talent!

A Little Help From TYLT
TYLT is a Simi Valley based tech company that makes lots of very useful products to compliment your mobility, i.e. your mobiles when you are mobile. One of their best and most useful products is their PowerPlant, a little on-the-go charger that can resuscitate your device in a pinch. We’ve used it several time and it is so fast and keeps its charge for a long time. This is a great investment for you mobile workers.

An Adventure In Catalina
Do you guys remember seeing some crazy island-ish Instagram photos from Bobby last weekend? Well, we spent the day in Catalina which is this insane, lush, beautiful island not too far off the coast from Los Angeles. The place is commonly believed to be some sort of weird, cheesy island where OC and Long Beach types go to do nothing but it is actually huge and mostly wild area preserved by the Catalina Island Conservancy, a group who focuses on keeping the island as natural as it has always been. The group invited us out and took us on a crazy fun adventure all around the place. We’re dying to go back–and you should definitely check it out, too.

A Drink At Bona Vista Lounge & Vinelust
We wanted to share two food items about drinks this week because we couldn’t figure out which to choose. First, there is this rooftop rotating bar Downtown that is caught in 1984 and it is fantastic albeit expensive and with shitty food and shitty service. It’s the Bona Vista Lounge and it is a step back in cheese ball time. We also spoke with the CEO of new subscription service Vinelust which helps let you try new wines that are within your palette. If you are a wine person, sign up for this. Moreover, if you sign up between now and April 3, you can use a special LAIY discount code, too.

Commodity Premium Fragrances
Commodity Premium Fragrances are a new scent concept that is hoping to change the game of how we make ourselves smell. By using mail in scent tests, you can try out their wears. This is cool and great but what is even more awesome is their subtle yet bold and beautiful packaging. We’re obsessed! We almost could care less how they smell because the bottles are so perfect. We love them.

One other thing we wanted to share but barely missed the cut: Book Stand, a really rad nature and book pop up at The Standard Hollywood. We highly suggest you visit them!

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