Josh Parkin Illustrates Nike’s Spring/Summer Collection for The Chimp Store

Josh Parkin Nike puzzle

Josh Parkin Nike collection for The Chimp Store

It’s always exciting when retail stores eschew flashy photography or expensive commercials in favor of something unique and artist generated to showcase their wares. Such is the case with The Chimp Store, a UK-based menswear boutique that enlisted the talents of Josh Parkin to illustrate Nike’s upcoming Spring/Summer shoe collection. By putting each shoe in a fun and/or precarious position—from shark cages and icebergs to a wrecking ball and tow truck scenario—they become characters that tell a story. It’s delightful to see your favorite styles rendered into a puzzle or stained glass window; in a way, it builds the anticipation of seeing an actual photograph even more. Wouldn’t it be great if Nike employed artists in the same way, too?

Josh Parkin Nike iceberg shoe