Doug Johnston Strikes a Cord

Doug Johnston Sash Cord Studies pieces

Doug Johnston Sash Cord Studies vessels

I was walking down a cobblestone street in New York City one night when a strange ghostly sculpture in a shop window caught my eye. I ambled over and stood in front of the glass beholding a giant creature made of cords and a gaping mouth. It was an arresting image, one that humored as much as terrified. Later, I found out it was the work of artist Doug Johnston, and this eerily beautiful sculpture barely scratched his polymathic, multi-hyphenate artistic surface.

Hailing from Oklahoma by way of West Texas, Johnston works as an artist, designer, architect and musician. Rather than chose a specific genre, he works within them all generating everything from sculpture and installations to fiber art and music made and recorded with a cell phone. Johnston’s modern nylon and cotton pendant lamps and vessels are truly special—and they’re for sale. Stitched together on an industrial sewing machine, he weaves cords together in a variety of shapes and sells them, made to order, through his own online shop. Though it doesn’t appear as if any giant ghosts are currently for sale, there are fantastic woven tote bags, baskets, bowls, and small-scale sculptures to choose from.

Doug Johnston Two Stools

Doug Johnston pendant lamps