Aranda\Lasch build crystals, infinite variation, and practice on the edges of architecture

Aranda\Lasch The Creators Project yeasayer

Aranda\Lasch The Creators Project yeasayer

I’ve spent the last several hours watching two dozen or so videos from the Creators Project, and I regret nothing. The videos are great, highlighting work created by some embarrassingly talented folks. One of the newest videos is focused on the light installation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge that Bobby wrote about last week, and another one I particularly like focuses on the work of Aranda\Lasch.

Lead by Benjamin Aranda and Christopher Lasch, the architecture firm has built a body of work along the boundaries of what most would call architecture, spilling over into a kind of computer and fabrication science where the firm experiments with ideas about everything from crystals to infinity. While their website is molting into something new, the two are pointing the curious to their flickr account. There, you can find more pictures (like the ones above) of an excellent project featured in the aforementioned video: a set for the band yeasayer. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, they are bueno and I added one of their songs to the TFIB March Playlist so you can take a listen.

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