“Diane Young” and “Step”, two new songs from Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampire of the City

I popped on to Rdio this morning and noticed that Vampire Weekend had a new single out called “Diane Young” (you’ll get it when you hear it) from their upcoming album Modern Vampire in the City. The song is peppy and upbeat, but also a little unconventional. It’s a bit surf rock and a bit 50’s pop sounding but with Ezra Koenig’s familiar vocals layered over the top of it all. The new record should be out on May 14 and this makes me pretty excited to hear it.

Update: Just went to the Vampire Weekend site (should have done that first) and noticed they had videos for “Diane Young” and the song “Step”. Gotta’ say I’m much more into “Step”, it’s simple and beautiful. A bit of harpsichord and some digitally altered vocals. Yes, please.

March 26, 2013 / By