Top Five From LAIY: Week Of March 18

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of March 18

Surrounded By Art Material: An Interview With Alex Israel
Alex Israel is one of our favorite LA artists. He’s conceptual, he’s very LA, and he is all about abusing entertainment structures in Los Angeles to make art. It’s super fascinating and fun work. For our Featured Interview with the artist, we rode around Los Angeles with him as he took us from destination to destination that has had an influence on him. It was a lot of fun. Also, note that he has a really rad piece up at LAXART called Lens that is a giant lens from a pair of sunglasses blown up for us all to examine. It’s up through April 20.

Get Ready For The Times
You know National Forest? Well, the guys of the super popular LA design firm have finally taken the next logical step for the brand: they’ve made a clothing line! The line is The Times and it is a t-shirt and sweatshirt brand (at the moment) that is very lighthearted and fun and thoroughly Californian. We’re mildly obsessed with their Cosmic Pretzel shirt..

Heidi’s Salsa
Luko Foods’ Heidi’s Salsa is a homegrown LA salsa maker. They’re good at what they do and they certainly are a great entry into the LA salsa community which, really, is a big community. The best part? Their Mexi-American totally fun branding and packaging. We had to snag a jar because it looked so great. The contents could have tasted dreadfully OK–and we still would have loved it because it looks so cool. We highly recommend this!

River Mouth
Friend and filmmaker Felipe Lima recently teamed up with locals Generic Surplus and Commes des Garçons to make a video about the brands’ recent shoe collaboration. The result? A pretty tripped out South American wanderlust video that sees Lima’s brothers traveling the city and jungle and giving occasional sexy glimpses of the shoes. It’s extremely well done.

Spring Forward
The LA Kidrobot and LA Blu Dot stores have teamed up for a customized Munny art show that sees the funny little vinyl figures dressed for Spring. Set in the beautiful Blu Dot store/showroom, the pieces certainly reflect Spring in LA and the cultures that surround us. You know what else is there? Some Munnys we made! We suggest you check it out and take a peek at what went into making ours here.

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