Brandon Locher Confuses Reality

Brandon Locher Confuses Reality 1

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with the work of Brandon Locher for a few months now. I first caught wind of him when avant-techno artist Holly Herndon Tweeted about a sound piece Locher did involving phone conversations being looped and volleyed from one caller to another. The resulting sound piece–Conversations (Revisited)–represents a very simple wrinkle in reality caused by a simple mirroring of a phone conversation. Investigating Locher’s work, you find that he has a great talent for warping what is real: he is an artist obsessed with the circuitous.

Mazes to the Motherlode XIV, an illustration series of ink on paper drawings Locher did, furthers this confusing of reality by playing with planes. The pieces range from very delicate, almost precious, mazes to thick, knotted tangles of shapes. They look like galaxies of twists and turns and–like Conversations (above)–make very strange connections out of nowhere.

Locher is certainly an intriguing artist and he looks to be constantly working as you can see from his website. He’s definitely doing some very heady stuff and we’re totally feeling it. I recommend you peruse more of his work and, if you have the time, you must listen to Conversations in its entirety. It is a fairly hysterical, odd, and enveloping sound piece. Get more on Brandon here.

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