Animated Abstractions by EyeBodega


I’m a sucker for weird, tripped out, colorful imagery–especially in motion. NYC-based multidisciplinary design studio EyeBodega is thoroughly all of those things, describing their work as “post-apocalyptic modernism.” With a focus on work for underground art and music culture, founders Rob Chabebe and Joe Perez have created a body of work spanning print, interactive, photography, and video that is jarring, glitchy, and perfect for the contemporary music scene it often finds itself in.

While you could argue that EyeBodega’s work is hip to many contemporary design trends, their aesthetic is rooted in an experimental and challengingly abstract place that is very much their own. I love the way their visual landscape combines hallmarks of digital image manipulation with distorted, static-filled analog imagery.

Their work is being featured as part of an interactive video event at the MoMA on April 7th called Abstract Currents, centered around creating an environment for abstract animated content. Naturally they’re also on Vine, sending out 6-second nuggets of audiovisual weirdness just about every day. You can check out more of their work here.



Skip Hursh

March 21, 2013 / By