LOCOMOTOR: Wonderful Colourful Abstractions by Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison - Painting

Kirra Jamison - Mortise

Kirra Jamison makes beautiful work filled with energy, playfulness and fun. The pieces featured here are taken from a series called LOCOMOTOR. Created as a series of large-scale acrylic paintings for an exhibition in Brisbane last year, the work was inspired by Jamison’s earlier work in silkscreen printing.

In LOCOMOTOR Jamison attempts to mimic the layering process of silk-screening but is freed-up from the difficulties of the medium’s often haphazard nature by working in acrylic. Here she gets to celebrate the looseness of the silkscreen while having more control and a richer color-palette.

Jamison’s use of simple shapes and strong colors is just perfect and I can imagine these images looking particularly beautiful hanging in a sunny apartment. Make sure to check out more of her work by visiting her website here.

Kirra Jamison - Tenon cargo

Kirra Jamison - Hum 2012

Kirra Jamison - Universe

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