Smári: A Delicious New Icelandic Yogurt

Smári Icelandic Yogurt

Smári yogurt cows

Bobby’s trip to Iceland seems to continually inspire. I was wandering through the grocery store and came across this colorful new Smári organic Icelandic yogurt. Upon further investigation, I discovered that it’s actually made in Petaluma, California, out of milk from free roaming cows in Wisconsin. And these aren’t just any cows, they’re Jerseys and Guernseys, which make thicker, better tasting milk. Also? They have names, profiles, and personalities.

What’s so charming about Smári is that it’s putting its business model out there in a personable way. Not only do they fully describe the ingredients and process of their “skyr” yogurt (four cups of whole milk skimmed, heated, cultured and strained—that’s it), they let you get to know the cows that are sacrificing their milk to reward your breakfast palate. There’s Angie, a 2-year-old cow who, apparently, looks like Amanda Seyfried. And there’s sweet-faced Bessie, who’s into the Collected Poems of William Blake. It’s a cute business ploy, yes, but in this day and age when knowing the provenance and standards to which your food is being held, Smári is going above and beyond their counterparts. And they’re doing so deliciously in strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, and pure flavors, too.

Smári yogurt cow profiles

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