“Goldmine” by Kilo Kish (produced by Starslinger)

Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish seems to have her aesthetic planned out. The FIT grad has collaborated with Childish Gambino, SBTRKT, and members of the A$AP and OFWGKTA in under a year. And just last month she brought a lot of attention to herself because of the K+ mixtape she dropped (which you can listen to at the end of the post). That’s probably because she has a breeziness to her vocals, a style that floats somewhere between singing and rapping.

“Goldmine,” the first track off the mixtape, exists in a world of woozy seduction. As Starslinger and his Jet Jam parties begin to take over the globe (no really, the dude has 50k more followers on Soundcloud than Diplo and 100k more than Warp Records without even dropping an LP), the partnership of Starslinger and Kilo Kish appears inevitable and effortless. The reverbed drums, shaky strings, and chipmunk-esque vocals provide a seductive backdrop. Kilo Kish coos at the listener, begging, enticing us to believe that she has waited for someone like us. If it means a song like this, I’ll take that offer.

March 19, 2013 / By