DJ Shadow’s Infamous South Beach Set

DJ Shadow

“Too futuristic” is what they called it. On December 14, 2012, DJ Shadow played Club Mansion in Miami’s famous South Beach. This was supposed to be one of the final stops of his All Basses Covered Tour which emerged from the beat music he played at Low End Theory last summer. Yet the club promoters, for whatever reason, kicked him off the turntables only 30 minutes into the set. A week later they issued an apology:

“We offer our most sincere apologies to DJ Shadow and his fans for his set being cut short at Mansion this past weekend. This error should not have happened and will not happen again, especially as we pride ourselves on creating an environment that cultivates and respects innovators such as DJ Shadow. We have learned a lot from this error and made changes within our organization to ensure that Mansion’s vision, and the vision of our guests, will never be compromised again.”

A bullshit apology if there ever was one. But the set itself? No bullshit at all. An absolute monster. Enough to take down Rodan, Mothra, AND Godzilla. DJ tricks are utilized all over the place: flawless transitions, perfect loops and fades, epic bass drops. All the tricks of the trade are utilized to make an exhilarating 90 minutes of contemporay music. Genre wise, for DJ Shadow that means a heavy dose of ratchet, DnB, glitch hop, and trap beats. Some heavy, skull-rattling stuff.

If anything, the days of Girl Talk-esque mash ups are firmly a thing of the past. Maybe his “crime” was only using one original track halfway through the set. But who else could mix and remix Fleetwood Mac, E-40, Thom Yorke, and an absurd hair metal solo? Only that dude with skills for 6 days.