British Sea Power Celebrates Bicycles in ‘Machineries of Joy’ Music Video

British Sea Power

If you like bikes, winding country roads, sweaters with jeans, or lovely ladies in minimal makeup, you’ll love British Sea Power’s new music video for their single, “Machineries of Joy”. Personally, I’m into the song itself and can’t wait for the band’s fifth album (also called Machineries of Joy), but the video is a hypnotic and meandering celebration of both bicycles and the act of riding them. We follow a jeans and sweater wearing maiden riding her bike through the countryside as weird bike sculptures and a lone horse appear around her. It’s unclear whether this is really happening or merely a product of an intense (and sweaty) bike ride, but it’s subtly beautiful nonetheless. It sounds like the album itself is equally as enigmatic as the band has this to say about it:

“Various things are touched on in the words – Franciscan monks, ketamine, French female bodybuilders turned erotic movie stars. The world often seems a mad place at the moment. You can’t really be oblivious to that, but we’d like the record to be an antidote – a nice game of cards in pleasant company.”

Sounds joyful indeed.

March 18, 2013 / By