Top Five From LAIY: Week Of March 11

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of March 11

The True Artist: An Interview With Greta Waller
Greta Waller is a Los Angeles painter who we are obsessed with. She is a classic painter who does very curious still lives and landscape paintings of things from ice to porcelain figures to what is in her closet. We had the chance to visit her home studio and chat with her and learned she is such a diehard artist who just wants to paint. She is a rare breed! She’s also totally a character which you find in the story. Watch out for F-bombs!

Building Block + WAKA WAKA At IKO IKO
Fairfax’s always cool IKO IKO welcomes a rad little collaboration between LA makers WAKA WAKA and Building Block. The resulting work are these bags and accessories that reflect a graphic, geometric obsession. They also employ really zanily tanned leathers and almost oddball wooden statement pieces to go with them. They’re funny and they’re beautiful and we’d love for people to be walking around town with these.

Scott Massey’s RRR zine is back with RRR.003! He’s assembled much of the same crew together in this similarly as graphically driven zine. This edition is a great deal darker and works only in whites, blacks, and silvers. It’s quite beautiful and is available now.

A Few Upcoming Shows At LACMOCA and The LA Flake
We had two editorials this week that we were pretty happy to share.

• LACMA recently announced that they would like to merge with MOCA after the two had been chatting about it for some time. Thinking about this idea, we thought up a bunch of fantasy, fun shows we imagine would come from the merger. We then went crazy and rattled off a long list of potential, hysterical shows. Enjoy!
• Hey, non-LA people: did you know the Tuesday before last was our election day for our new mayor? No? You didn’t? Well, neither did 83.89% of Angelenos because only 16.11% of registered voters voted! It was so embarrassing. We thought we’d wake everyone up by pointing out that there is a big culture in the city that embraces being late and blasé and flakey. While that is fine in most situations, it is not fine when it comes to electing a new mayor. Get your shit together, LA!

The Los Angeles Nudie Jeans Showroom
Sweeden’s Nudie Jeans has branched out from their literal West Hollywood house and Downtown to a small storefront that they’ve devoted to being their showroom. It’s a really nice, old school Downtown place full and full of denim everything. It feels like part gallery, part retail store, which is totally what you want when you go to a showroom. The space isn’t open to the public but you should certainly make an appointment with them if you want to find out about all things Nudie.

Oh! A few more things. First, we’re looking for an intern! The main task would be editing films. Know anyone? If you know a UCLA or USC film student who wants to get some practice and meet rad people, send them our way. Also, this story *just* missed the Top Five and we wanted to share it anyway: watch Claire Evans of YACHT get slapped around for two minutes for LA designer Raquel Allegra. It’s hysterical and awesome.

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