Siggi Eggertsson Brilliant Illustrations of Iceland

Siggi Eggertsson - Myragata

Siggi Eggertsson - Sveit

We couldn’t let an Icelandic-themed week pass us by and not tip our hats to the wonderful Siggi Eggertsson. Born in Iceland and currently living in Berlin, Siggi has been a favorite on The Fox Is Black for a very long time. His series of illustrated scenes of Iceland is one of my personal favorites, and I love how he mixes his own unique style with his trademark methodology to create beautiful landscapes that feel like modern Impressionist paintings.

Created alongside the agency Jónsson & Le’Macks, the illustrations were created for a campaign in 2011 for the Icelandic bank Landsbankinn. They’re colorful, vibrant and lots of fun – the kind of image every modern bank wants. Last year the illustrations were awarded the Golden Star at the The ADC*E Awards, a prize they most certainly deserved! If you’re new to Siggi’s work then you definitely have to check out his website and let you’re eyeballs melt for a couple of minutes. It’s well worth a visit!

Siggi Eggertsson - Thordata

Siggi Eggertsson - Laugavatn

Siggi Eggertsson - Fisk

Siggi Eggertsson - Austurstraeti

Siggi Eggertsson - Akureyri

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