Celebrating Sigur Ros and the Release of the ‘Valtari’ Mystery Film Experiment

Sigur Ros Valtari Mystery Film Experiment

It’s impossible to celebrate Iceland on #MusicMonday without mentioning Sigur Rós. Arguably the country’s biggest musical export (next to Björk), the band continues to astonish and inspire with their epic brand of atmospheric rock. At times subtle using spare instrumentation and ambient emotion, and other times crescendoing into a cacophony of guitars, their music is singular, innovative, and utterly captivating. The same can be said for their music videos and concert films, too.

Following the success of the esoteric and well-received documentary film, Heima, Sigur Rós conducted a “mystery film experiment” last year which saw a group of directors all given the same modest budget to create a short film to accompany a song from the new album, Valtari. Each director had complete freedom and creative control to do whatever they wanted as long as it was in response to the music. Though the band released all 14 films as well as two fan videos one by one from May to last December, the entire collection is now available for download and includes the addition of three behind-the-scenes featurettes. It’s an odd yet highly watchable assortment of films including everything from Shia LeBeouf stripping down emotionally (and otherwise) in a trippy yet beautiful ode to co-dependency to the weirdest video you’ll ever see about the Heimlich maneuver. Take a look here.

And since we’re on the subject, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t suggest watching—or re-watching—the band’s 2006 video masterpiece, Glósóli, featuring the Icelandic landscape in all its glory.

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