“Look At The Light,” a new music video by Sin Fang

"Look At The Light," a new music video by Sin Fang


Sindri Már Sigfússon has had an interesting career in music. He started out the band Seabear as a one-man musical project in 2003 that evolved into the seven-piece band we know and love today. He then released a solo album under the name Sin Fang Bous in 2011, and now he’s released another solo album under the shortened monicker Sin Fang. Get all that?

He’s released a new video for the song “Look At The Light” and both of them are pretty extraordinary. The song itself is really layered sounding with lots of harmonies, strings, horns, and everything I generally find great about his music. The video though is quite trippy and a bit surreal. There’s bits of reversed footage, blown out 3D-esque effects, all kinds of weirdness. Together though they provide a beautiful experience. Sindri, if you somehow read this blog, please say hi to me in Reykjavik!

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