A monolithic cultural center carved out of stone in Akureyri

Iceland Arkitema Akureyri

What you see above is a cultural center built in Akureyri, the second largest urbanized area in the country after Reykjavík. And the population of Akureyri? Just 17,000 Icelanders. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people, but by comparison I grew up in a town almost twice the size of Akureyri and we didn’t have anything remotely as interesting as this – we only had soybean fields and diabetes.

Iceland Arkitema Akureyri

Iceland Arkitema Akureyri

Designed by Danish firm Arkitema, the round building houses a concert call, some multi-purpose rooms and an area to display sculptures. The most distinctive feature (other than it being big and round) is the skin of the building, finished in a stone that resembles basalt rock columns, geological formations that the architects call studlaberg. The project is positioned so that if you ever visit the small town, it will likely be the first thing you see when your boat anchors there. It’s a nice greeting for a small town and it looks stunning in the twilight.

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