Top Five From LAIY: Week of March 4

Top Five From LAIY: Week of March 4

Bringing Everything Together: An Interview With Willard Ford
Willard Ford is a very cool guy who is doing lots of things. Most recently? He’s combined three of his businesses into this super group agency called Flagship, which deals with fashion, design, and sports. Super interesting. What’s also interesting? His space. It used to be an old movie theatre he converted into a work/live/play zone. It’s incredible!

Men’s Group: The Video
We won’t hold back: Ben Jones is our favorite Los Angeles contemporary artist. His work is so bright and interesting and certainly engages many of your senses. To look back at his work and to also catalogue his recent MOCA PDC show The Video, Jones teamed up with PictureBox in New York to create this scrapbook of his work. It’s a neat little book that certainly is as quirky as his creations.

W/// By Weltenbuerger Los Angeles
Weltenbuerger is a Los Angeles fashion brand that just opened up a store in Los Feliz Village. They sell lots of designers and vintage clothes but also have their own in-house brand W///. The brand is totally avant garde and feels very much like futuristic monotones that only really cool people can wear. We’re totally digging them and how quirky they can be.

Coldwater Canyon’s Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
Coldwater Canyon is a local pickler and canned food maker. We recently found their Strawberry Rhubarb jam which won them the Best In Show for jams and jellies in the 2010 California State Fair. That’s huge! How is it? Amazing. We had it on a cracker with goat cheese and it is simply divine. We highly recommend this. We’re sure their other food stuffs are great, too.

Steven Harrington Lights It Up
Steven Harrington recently did another collaboration with Belgium’s Case Studyo. What was it? A lamp! Surprise! He made three, actually, and they’re titled Remain In Balance. They look like the are painstakingly stacked pieces made from wood and they are quite covetable. Who wouldn’t want these guys in their house?!

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