‘Flying Eye Books’ – Nobrow Press’s Exciting New Children’s Book Imprint

The Flying Eye Books Tree by Emily Hughes

Last month Nobrow Press launched an exciting new children’s book imprint called Flying Eye Books. Over the last 4 years, Nobrow has been producing some really incredible books and comics and it’s exciting to see that they’re now bringing their talents to the world of children’s books. Focusing solely on publications for kids aged 4 to 11, this new imprint isn’t just exciting news for Nobrow fans, it’s exciting news for kids everywhere!

Over the course of the next year, they aim to release 12 new titles, ranging from picture books and comic books; to fiction and non-fiction. Some are generated in-house while others are translated versions of handpicked French and German titles. Looking at their upcoming releases it’s clear to see that these new titles will be just as good as their parent publisher’s output.

Welcome To Your Awesome Robot Cover

Welcome To Your Awesome Robot Inside

Their first release is “Welcome To Your Awesome Robot”, a fantastically fun book by Viviane Schwarz. Part-comicbook, part craftbook and part manual, the publication is exactly the type of thing I imagine every kid would want to have. Filled with excellent illustrations and diagrams, it shows you how to turn a boring old cardboard box into the most awesome of robots. It’s terrific fun and it’s as beautiful as you’d expect considering Nobrow’s love for everything print.

To mark their launch, the folks at Flying Eye have put together a great little animation (above). Animated by Jambonbon and illustrated by Ben Newman (who’ll soon be releasing his own Flying Eye title), the promo is a really charming introduction to the publishers.

I wanted to find out a little bit more about their new venture so I talked with Sam Arthur — Flying Eye Books’ Company Director. You can check out the interview below:

Firstly, how did Flying Eye Books come about? What made you decide that you wanted to create a new children’s imprint of Nobrow?

Sam: We were already publishing some books suitable for kids such as the Hilda series for example. Creating a dedicated children’s book imprint meant that we could focus on that market and not confuse our younger customers or families with books not intended for them. It also means that we can continue to publish more challenging material through Nobrow Press and not worry about it getting into the wrong hands!

You’ve put together a really terrific and varied line-up of books for your launch. How difficult was it attracting such talent and deciding which types of books you wanted to release?

We have been working away on the new titles for over a year, so we’ve put in an enormous amount of thought into the new titles. Some are rights buys from European publishers and some are books we’ve developed from scratch with established or debut illustrators. Everyone we approached has been incredibly excited about working on the new imprint, so that’s been really great. In terms of deciding on titles, we always decide together [Sam and co-founder Alex Spiro], if we both agree on something then it gets the go ahead… it’s what we do, I wouldn’t say it’s difficult – it’s enjoyable, it’s what makes publishing a fascinating job!

What’s next?

We will be running some Awesome Robot workshops at various museums and public spaces over the coming months. We are also working on a launch event and exhibition of work at Foyles Charing Cross in April – it will last the whole month and we’ll also be doing a couple of workshops and a ticketed talk, watch out on our website and twitter for more info.

For “Awesome Robot” we will be developing a blog so we can add cool robot photos and show off what amazing creations kids are making. Apart from that, we’ve got some amazing books in development, but I don’t want to give too much away!

Thanks so much to Sam Arthur at Flying Eye Books for answering our questions. Make sure to visit their site and pick up a copy of Viviane Schwarz’s excellent “Welcome To Your Awesome Robot” online here. Also check out Emily M Hughes work, who created the beautiful Flying Eye Book picture at the top of this post.

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