“À tout à l’heure,” a brand new song by Bibio

Bibio, photo by Mads Perch

Photo by Mads Perch

Ever since Ambivalence Avenue dropped four years ago, Stephen Wilkinson aka Bibio can safely be considered a TFIB fave. Blending atmospherics, Nick Drake esque guitar, dazzling intricate electronic sequences, and his prodigal, reverb drenched voice, few artists have such a defined aesthetic. Folktronic? Sure. Why not.

This is what makes the new track “À tout à l’heure” so perfectly magical. While his previous record Mind Bokeh felt constrained in its aural differences, it was apparent that Bibio made huge steps forward in songwriting. Working on the new release Silver Wilkinson, he remarked:

After working long and hard on an album, however, I crave change… like you might crave spring after winter. I love seasonal change, it affects me a lot. I like the idea of comparing albums to seasons – they stand alone yet are part of a bigger story. They complement each other. So this album, to an extent, started out with the desire for a new ‘season’, contrasting somewhat with the previous.

If the calendar is anything to go by, a new season indeed. “À tout à l’heure,” roughly translated into “a moment ago” or “see you soon,” moves from silky guitar arpeggios into a bouncy, uplifting rhythmic beat. The atmospherics slide in but this is undoubtedly an uplifting pop song, one for the season ahead.

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