Studio Fludd: A Modern Wooden Workshop

Studio Fludd Slow Wood products

Studio Fludd is an Italian creative collective masquerading as a design studio, production design company, and all around conglomerate of super cool products. It’s difficult to define them. At first glance, they appear to be masters of wooden playthings like their Slow Wood project, which is a prototype play tool that allows kids to build crazy sandwiches made of pizza slices and bars of chocolate. But that’s not to say they don’t make toys for adults, too.

Their Magnetic Sights series functions more as an array of beautiful hand painted wooden objects than building blocks. Looking like deconstructed houses and rainbows painted in graphic pastels, they’d be at home on a bookshelf or artfully strewn across a table. Studio Fludd’s pieces are wearable, too. Not only do they make triangular wooden pins, they fashion spare and interesting hexagonal prism necklaces out of small pieces of wood or string together raw wooden blocks with glass beads. The company isn’t limited to just woodworking, though. Aside from steady work designing posters and styling photo shoots, they also find time to churn out fun tote bags and notebooks. Check out their online shop here.

Studio Fludd Magnetic Sights

Studio Fludd tote bag, notebook and necklace

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