Jeremy Laffon’s Stacks of Gum and Resin

Jeremy Lafonne Gum installation

Jeremy Lafonne Gum installation

Yesterday, we saw drawings and models shaped by verdant greenery, and today we’re looking at these wonky and convoluted structures made using sticks of green gum. The work above by artist Jeremy Laffon (whose site is currently under construction) with his stacks of snacks that almost look like playing cards. Maybe Jeremy’s sick of chewing gum and instead lets gravity chew on the structures, interrupting the rhythm of diagonals and horizontals as the walls wobble and are pulled toward the gallery floor. These structures are on display at a gallery in Limoges, France. And even as they slowly sink toward the ground, it looks surprising they should stand at all. To me it seems like a sugar-free Buckminster Fuller experiment that’s been in some kind of accident. It makes me nervous, and it makes me want to brush my teeth.

Alex Dent

March 6, 2013 / By