5 Years of The Desktop Wallpaper Project

The Desktop Wallpaper Project by The Fox Is Black

It’s kind of crazy to think about, but five years ago today I started The Desktop Wallpaper Project, which is kind of mind boggling to think about. Five years ago I was 25, I had moved to Los Angeles two years before that, and started Kitsune Noir (what The Fox Is Black used to be named) a year after that. The Desktop Wallpaper Project was a hair-brained idea I had to see if artists, designers or photographers would want to create original works for the site that I could share with my readers. It was a mutually beneficial project that allowed creatives of all skill levels to show off their work and me the opportunity to work with my heroes and those who inspire me.

Over the past five years there have been over 250 wallpapers created, which equals out to almost one every week. The amount of talented folks that have blessed the site with their work is too numerous to list, and for that I’m truly grateful. The DWP has become one of the backbones of the site, it’s the second most trafficked page beside the home page, and readers from around the world come and visit the site every day to liven up the backgrounds of their mobile devices or desktops. The DWP has even paved the way for other sites like Poolga and Kuuva who’ve seen that there’s a true value in wallpapers that are well designed.

I’m looking forward to keeping the project going for another five years and introducing even more great artists to the site. As always you can check the site every Wednesday for a new wallpaper. Thanks again for enjoying this project of mine and for supporting it as you have.

March 5, 2013 / By