Visiting Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland

Photo by Cactus Motel

For the first time ever I’m leaving the country. Yeah, I know, of all people I should have had interesting adventures around the world. In real life I’m a homebody who likes to chill with his boyfriend and his dog and write and make stuff. But every now and then you can’t say no to a globetrotting adventure.

I’ll be heading to Reykjavík, Iceland for DesignMarch, a four day design event featuring exhibitions, speakers, events and all sorts of fun things to do. I’m really excited for the event, to meet new people, and to explore the city itself.

I’m writing this post because I’m hoping to get some recommendations from locals or from those who’ve visited Reykjavík. As you can see I’ve already started my own map of Reykjavík but I’d love to get more tips. Also, if you’re in the city or will be visiting I’d love to meet up with you for a coffee/meal/drink/etc. I’ll be on my own for this trip so it would be great to get to meet some friendly faces.

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