Top Five From LAIY: Week Of February 25


The Film Independent Spirit Awards
The Film Independent Spirit Awards are basically The Oscars cool younger brother who likes to party and doesn’t give a shit if you don’t dress up. In fact, he encourages you *to* drink and *not* to dress up. By some magic, we got invited to attend the ceremony this year by Jameson–one of the big sponsors for the event–and realized that it is the Los Angeles award ceremony because it’s so laid back, supports unknown artists, and gives the proper nods to big timers, too. It was a wonderfully fun time and so hope we can attend again in the future. (Also, yes, that is Francis Ford Coppola talking to Sofia Coppola in the photo.)

Performing Methods
Downtown’s CB1 recently opened a new show titled Performing Methods which features artist Chris Oatey’s paintings and sculptures which are all made through a very physical process. They’re very enveloping and complicated and, to help highlight visual art that is in a way performative, he curated Performing Methods–In Context within CB1 too, a group show that features other artists who do similar performative work. Please enjoy this as our Featured Interview this week because we had to take a bye week due to technical difficulties.

The Modern Craft Project In Los Angeles
The Modern Craft Project is an effort by Wallpaper Magazine and Ketel One to celebrate makers and creatives. To introduce the idea to LA, a very intimate dinner was held that featured fancy cocktails by Ketel One mixologists and food by the Animal guys. It was delicious and fun and really showcased an LA artform that has come into its own: food.

Rhye’s Woman
Rhye may not be a band you’re familiar with but they are the LA buzz band at the moment who have broken beyond local chains and into many, many people’s ears. They are part R&B/jazz referentials, part minimal dance, and a whole lotta Sade. Their debut album Woman comes out on March 4 and you will want to listen to it. A lot.

Eames Prints To Help The Eames Family
The Eames Foundation is trying to raise money to help restore and preserve the Eames House. To do so, they are selling limited edition prints of Eames designs for $75. What a deal! They look good, they help a great design cause, and everyone wins.

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