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The Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Architecture Studio

The Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio

The Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio

This might be the home of my dreams. What you see above is the Edgeland House which was designed by Bercy Chen Architecture Studio, a small firm based in Austin, Texas founded by Thomas Bercy and Calvin Chen. The design of the houe was inspired by the Native American pit-house, a style of residence which is partially buried under the earth. The benefit of this is that the house will stay warmer in cold months and cooler in warm months. It also looks freaking cool.

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‘Be Work Happy’ by Formation

Formation - Be Work Happy

This animated spot by London-based studio Formation is a beautifully simple visualization of a story using a bare minimum of representative imagery. Done for the launch of a new recruitment platform called Krow, Formation carries the narrative of the spot along with a series of scenes where solid geometric shapes interact with each other to tell a story without literally illustrating much of anything.

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Party Wall, a brand new installation at MoMA PS1 by CODA

Party Wall by CODA at MoMA PS1

Party Wall by CODA at MoMA PS1

Last week, the Serpentine Gallery announced their selection of Sou Fujimoto to design this year’s Serpentine Pavilion. Here in the U.S. we have a summer pavilion of our own, built in the courtyard of one of of our own art galleries, MoMA PS1. This year, the winner of MoMA’s Young Architect’s Program is CODA, whose proposal Party Wall will be a free-standing steel structure that utilizes waste as a resource.

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Beck Re-imagines Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” in 360° of Sound

Beck Reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" in 360° of Sound 2

You can always count on Beck to deliver an interesting project. Whether he’s releasing customizable album art, working with puppets or putting out an album solely as sheet music, Beck is the type of musician who always surprises and nearly always delivers. In his most recent endeavor he’s covered Bowie’s 1977 classic “Sound and Vision” and he’s done it in the most epically impressive way possible. Teaming up with over 160 musicians, his performance is a full 360-degrees of sound and… well, vision.

Put together in collaboration with the Lincoln Motor Company (in an attempt to sell more cars), the performance is directed by Chris Milk and is part of the company’s “Hello, Again” campaign. If you forget about the corporate tie-ins, this is a really excellent project. The video was recorded with a crazy looking Binaural Head which captures the sound in full 360-degrees. This means you get to hear the performance right from the center of the circular stage. This is definitely a video to watch full-screen and with your headphones on.

Lasting almost 10 minutes in length, the performance sees Beck making the most of having such an eclectic mix of musicians at his disposal. The massive collection of performers includes an orchestra, a collegiate drum-line, a row of electric guitarists, a musical saw, a modular synthesizer, a Thermin, a harpist, a yodeler, two choirs, a group of percussionists from around the world… and even the Dap-Kings are there. The whole thing is conducted by Beck’s father, David Campbell.

More details of the project can be found on Lincoln’s “Hello, Again” website which also promises to have a full 360 performance in the coming days. Go check it out!

Update: The full interactive, 360º version just went online. See it here!

Bobby Solomon Interview on The Great Discontent

Bobby Solomon Interview on The Great Discontent

I always thought it would be cool to do interviews on The Fox Is Black. I’ve made some pretty cool friends over the years so it makes a lot of sense. But then these two midwest folks, Ryan and Tina Essmaker, decided to move to New York and start a site called The Great Discontent which is essentially everything I wanted to do only a hundred times better. TGD has taken the idea of an interview and turned it into a an art form, mixing words and imagery seamlessly.

Earlier this morning the interview I did with them went live and I can honestly say I’m so honored to be part of what they’re doing. In it I describe my process of being some kid from the suburbs that really had no idea what he wanted to do in life (other than “make art”) to running The Fox Is Black and having a full time job as an art director at Disney Interactive. It’s also about being passionate in your work and life, and that the only way you’ll succeed is if you put a lot of hard work into the things your most passionate about. Anyhow, hopefully you get something inspiring from the interview, I had a lot of fun talking with Tina and Ryan, they’re great folks.

You can read the interview by clicking here.

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of February 11

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of February 11

The Art Of Communication: An Interview With A.L. Steiner
A.L. Steiner is a fabulous artist whose work is very confrontational in that she challenges you to understand issues in our society. For such serious work, she’s actually quite a funny lady. We had a great time hearing her history in publishing through her art practice now. Everything connects!

140 Years Of The 501
Levi’s recently had a big birthday party for their 501 in Los Angeles and they built some elaborate, beautiful art installations to tell the history of the jean from 1863 up until now. It was a great, arty effort by such a big brand and it served as the venue for the birthday. We wish more people could have seen them in person but, alas, they were struck after a day.

Curators Andrew Bernardini & Lauren Mackler Take Set Pieces To Milan
Angelenos Andrew Bernardini and Lauren Mackler recently curated a show at Milan’s Cardi Black Box that saw many contemporary LA artists working together for a collaborative show. Tasking art people like Liz Glynn and Sarah Cain to make sets, artists built out these living spaces or fake performance spaces, three dimensional parts of an art space that were then populated and embellished with artwork by other LA artists. It’s a great concept and cool sounding show that brings LA art outside of LA. We chatted with the curators about the process.

A Peek Inside The Brand New Topshop
This may be old news to you people in Europe and in New York and Chicago but we Angelenos just got a flossy new Topshop/Topman and we are dying. It’s two stories of bright colors, detailed fun clothes, flossy accessories, and more. We were pumped to get to take a sneak peek at the store but, really, we likely won’t be able to get back there for weeks because there will be a forcefield of shoppers surrounding the store for a very long time.

All around rad guys and art bros Will Bryant and Eric Trine are in Los Angeles this weekend for a cool little collaborative art show at Poketo. The two drove all the way down from Portland for it and we had the chance to have a quick convo about what went into making #AlleyOopLA. For anyone of you guys who follow the two guys on Instagram, you’ll want to check this out to find out what exactly they were up to.

Herzog & de Meuron’s ominous new convention center in Switzerland

Herzog & de Muron Messe Basel

Herzog & de Muron Messe Basel

Earlier this week, the doors opened to Herzog & de Meuron‘s latest project, Messe Basel. The project is a new convention center on the outskirts of H&dM’s hometown, Basel Switzerland. Convention centers aren’t usually something to get too excited about, they’re big dumb boxes that are often so big they’re hard to integrate into the surrounding urban fabric. But this one is somehow different.

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Space Suit of the Week

Nicholas Forker - Shadows 6

Nicholas Forker - Shadows 7`

Nicholas Forker - Shadows 3

Nicholas Forker is in good company.

Forker employs the astronaut archetype, the 21st Century Lone Ranger, to create forms that can’t be made without the human touch. His work plays with duality: light/dark, man/machine, etc. These images from his Shadows series are an “attempt to take the drawing medium through an evolution of its own.” Forker uses lasers on glass to create an images that are close to invisible. Lights a powerful medium, giving the figures free floating life.

You may remember Nicholas from when Alex wrote about his mural that he created back in 2011. Vice’s Spaced Out did a wonderful piece on him this summer traversing through New York City in a Mercury-looking silver suit, too.

An Astier de Villatte and Patch NYC Collaboration

Astier de Villatte and Patch NYC collaboration

France’s Astier de Villatte has something of a cult status among those wishing to collect elegantly homespun plates, geometric notebooks, and beautifully scented minimalist candles. The same can be said for devotees of Patch NYC, a home decor and accessory studio known for their detailed drawings of everything from coiling pipe smoke to bow-tied skeletons. Though miles away in Paris and Boston-by-way of New York, it seems only fitting that the two companies should collaborate on a line of products.

Astier de Villatte carries the full range, which consists of their trademark white plates and platters adorned with Patch NYC’s ink motifs. There’s a series of paper notebooks featuring wary owls and whimsical boots, too. Though they’re fully intended to serve their given function, we think each plate and notebook does double duty as a beautiful design object, too. Browse the entire collection here.

Astier de Villatte and Patch NYC plates

Re-Covered Books Contest : Prizes from Princeton Architectural Press

Princeton Architectural Press Prizes

I mentioned briefly in our Re-Covered Books contest for The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle that we may have additional prizes, and so here are some additional prizes. In addition to the $100 Amazon gift card you’ll also get all the cool books and gifts you see above thanks to the Princeton Architectural Press. The folks at Princeton Press have an amazing selection of titles from the biggest artists and designers out there, and I’m so happy that they’ve chosen to help us out with our contests. So what do you get exactly?

Sign Painters by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon
Hand-painted signs are incredible and this book has so many great examples from so many fantastic artists. Plus it has a foreword by Ed Ruscha, so you know it’s gotta’ be good.

Brooklyn Makers by Jennifer Causey
Damn those Brooklynites and their creativity! This book makes me want to move to New York to start making pots and artisanal whiskey and clay pots. The photos in the book are also fantastic and will make you drool.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid by Christopher Bonanos
Exactly as it sounds, it’s the story of Polaroid. An immensely interesting company who’s mark on our global culture will never fade.

A Guide to Archigram 1961-74 by Dennis Crompton
If you’re not familiar with Archigram you absolutely should be. These young, British architects rethought the way our culture should be in the most radical ways possible. A must read.

What Did I Buy Today? Journal by Kate Bingaman-Burt
The always inspirational Kate Bingaman-Burt’s logbook will help you track your life and the objects that fit inside it.

MAPS Mini Journals by Paula Scher
Gridded, lined and blank, these three mini journals will help you keep your notes together and the awesome Paula Scher covers will make you feel really cool.

For a chance to win these prizes as well as the $100 gift card to Amazon all you need to do is enter our Re-Covered Book contest for Haruki Murakami’s Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. all entries are due Saturday, February 23, 2013 by Midnight PST so you better enter soon!