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Crisp, Clean and Darn Right Beautiful! – The Posters of Silence Television

Silence Television

Silence Television

Silence Television is the work of Peruvian illustrator and designer Gianmarco Magnani. Gianmarco creates these really fantastic prints that combine great illustrations with beautiful typography and design. Often featuring girls, motorcycles and guitars his work feels very rock n’ roll. Indeed Gianmarco is so inspired by rock n’ roll that he seems to have created his own fictitious rock band called Sixty Watts where he’s designed album artwork, tshirts, a website and merchandise for them. Go check it out, it’s really fantastic!

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Natalia Stuyk Talks Fashion Animation for Kenzo

Kenzo Resort 2013 video

Kenzo Resort 2013 video

Kenzo has undergone a massive creative overhaul thanks in part to Opening Ceremony founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon taking the helm two years ago. Reviving the long-standing fashion, accessories, and beauty house with youthful energy and an insouciant sense of cool, the brand now sets the bar for mismatched prints and tailored assaults of color. Not only have they set shows to live music or on multiple floors of a 1960s university building, they continue to push the boundaries of marketing with spirited fashion videos. The latest, for Kenzo’s Resort 2013 collection, is directed by Mat Maitland and features the DIY animation of artist Natalia Stuyk, who is known for her own brand of boldly graphic interactive imagery. She very kindly opened up to us about jungle prints, green screen, and the process of animating a fashion video.

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“Entertainment,” the brand new track from Phoenix

The French band Phoenix

Bankrupt by Phoenix

Nearly four years after the release of their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, the French band Phoenix is back with a new album coming out April 22 called Bankrupt. Accordingly, the band have a new single out titled “Entertainment,” which sounds exactly like what you’d hope from the band, even after such a long hiatus. The sound has a “Hong Kong Garden” kind of feeling to me, at least the main guitar hook does. This definitely gets me excited for a new Phoenix album – Perhaps this is the album of the summer?

Caleb Charland: Photograph(ing) Science

Caleb Charland photograph science

Caleb Charland photograph science

About two and a half years ago Danica (remember her?!) posted about photographer Caleb Charland, and how he creates fantastic images without the use of digital trickery. What I didn’t realize at the time is how much of Caleb’s work is interested in demonstrating scientific principles; in fact, he has two series series called Demonstrations where he… well… demonstrates electrical/chemical properties of everyday objects and captures it on film.  Another part of his work seems interested in carrying out experiments in film, itself. Whether he’s slapping it, setting it on fire, or letting bacteria eat away at the different layers of fim, this is work where the photograph isn’t just the evidence of the experiment, but the experiment itself.

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Kate Spade Saturday Pops Up on

Kate  Spade Saturday

Whether it’s sparkly accessories or brightly hued womenswear, Kate Spade New York is known for its brand of ladylike whimsy. Expanding their playful ethos to a different demographic, they’re launching a new brand called Saturday. Billing itself as a new “multi-functional refreshingly affordable” line, you can think of it more as Kate Spade’s younger, hipper sister who has a penchant for Bauhaus tea sets, graphic prints, and pops of neon yellow. While the line will offer the usual well-designed, tailored womenswear and shoes—this time with more of an edge—Saturday will also include home decor and office accessories. Though it doesn’t officially arrive until March, you can shop a limited-time pop-up shop exclusively at right now.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Julieta Felix

Julieta Felix wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Julieta Felix

For all the amazing technology we have these days sometimes you just can’t beat a book. That’s the view point of Julieta Felix at least, a designer from Tempe, Arizona. Julieta sent this wallpaper over to me and I thought it was great, especially all the little details in all the controls and electronics. The contrast in complexity between the doodads and the book is a reminder that sometimes we do need to disconnect every now and then.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new wallpaper!

Google Glass gets real

Google Glass

Google Glass

Earlier this morning Google launched an official site for their newest hardware project: Google Glass. The project has been around for about a year now but now it seems like Google is actively trying to get the product into the hands of real consumers. On the site you can apply to become a “Glass Explorer” by simply telling the company over Google+ or Twitter #ifihadglass what you would do with them. Oh and you have to pony up $1500. No big deal.

Projects like Glass, I suppose I should really start calling it a product, get me excited because it proves we’re ready to move past the idea of data only coming to us through a phone shape. Google has chosen the face as the best place to receive and send information, while supposedly Apple will be bringing computing to the wrist. I’m not certain if either of these locations are any good for giving us large amounts of data, it’s still uncharted territory. I wouldn’t dismiss anything until we can try these devices for ourselves.

Perhaps though we can soon start to let out our inner Geordi La Forge and Dick Tracy?

José Guíza’s Weekly Illustrated “Windows of New York”

Windows of New York - 219-e-4th

Windows of New York -617-9th

Windows of New York” is a beautiful project by José Guizar, a young Mexican graphic designer based in New York. Since moving to the Big Apple José has developed an obsession with the windows of the city and every week he illustrates one and posts it to his site. José describes the project as the “product of countless steps of journey through the city streets”, and each window that he illustrates is one that caught his eye. For José the project is “part an ode to architecture and part a self-challenge to never stop looking up”.
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Explore the sound and space of ‘Proteus’


No text. No rules. No enemies. No multiplayer. No time limit. No expectations. No reward. Proteus isn’t your normal videogame.

A 16-bit, 90MB monolith made over the past year, Proteus puts a player on a randomly generated terrain which contains aural cues, so the soundtrack changes as you interact with the land, or, well, simply walk through it. There might be a way to win if you want to find it.

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The Coolest Wooden Handbags by Haydanhuya

Haydanhuya Large Oak Bag

Gökhan Eryaman doesn’t consider himself a carpenter or designer. The maker of everything sold under the Haydanhuya Wooden Things umbrella would rather label his beautiful and functional pieces as nothing more than impassioned products of a self-professed wood lover. He cares so much about what he makes that every product sold comes with a 15-day trial period that urges you to return it if you’re not satisfied. Eryaman’s mantra is this: “It is meaningless to pay for something that you would not use for a long time.”

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