SOLAR App Giveaway

SOLAR App for iPhone

The awesome folks at SOLAR, my personal go-to app for weather, have given me some promotional codes to give away to 5 clever readers. If you’re unfamiliar with SOLAR I suggest you check it out through that link and watch their ad. On a side note, I’m not being paid for this, I really do use the app, and I thought it would be cool to give readers something for free. Cool?

To win a promo code you need to tell me what your favorite kind of weather is and why. The more clever and funny your why answer is the better chance you have of winning. You can tell me in two different ways:

1) Tweet your reason with the hashtag #tfibSOLAR.
2) Write on the TFIB Facebook post by clicking here.

Here are the winners:

“I love waking up to fog on spring camping trips on the AT. Makes it looks like a scene from a horror film.” – Jordy Tropp

“I love the crisp, cool air of the ozarks in the fall, with a fog rising from the shade of the valleys like steam from my cup of coffee. Being from Louisiana, where the fall is hot as hell and twice as humid, I only discovered this pleasure as a man well into my twenties.” – Rob Moffett

“Not too fucking hot, not too fucking freezing. Plz gimme app” – Bárbara Astrini-Currie