Arjan Benning: Still Life Photography that Moves

Arjan Benning photography

Arjan Benning tabletop

It’s difficult to categorize Dutch photographer Arjan Benning. A master of still life tableaus, his work breathes with a sense of movement and wonder. Though prolific in the worlds of advertising, magazines, and cultural institutions, his photos stand alone as quiet works of art.

Benning’s portfolio is expansive, and the photos are unlabeled. Thus, a scroll through his work feels akin to strolling through a virtual gallery. Airborne plates, rain showers of milk, and exploding water faucets are juxtaposed with beautiful pastel tabletops of uneaten fruit or dip-dyed vegetables. His Dutch Flowers are so detailed and dramatically lit, they appear otherworldly and surreal. In every photograph, there is movement of some kind, whether it’s droplets of water, books on the verge of toppling, or objects flying in and out of frame. Benning can make you move while viewing his work, too. I dare you not to wince or raise your eyebrows at his version of an Alphabet.

Arjan Benning still life

Arjan Benning cube photos

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