Pitchfork Classic revisit Belle & Sebastian’s “If You’re Feeling Sinister”

Belle & Sebastian's "If You're Feeling Sinister"

If You’re Feeling Sinister will always be one of my favorite albums. Released in 1996, it wasn’t until college that I was finally introduced to it. Although unknown to me at the time, my introduction to the band couldn’t have been more aptly clichéd; a mixtape from a girl far hipper then me, the backdrop of an art-school, a heavy helping of introspection and countless trips on city buses. In truth, there was no way that this album wasn’t going to play an important role in my developmental years.

Last week Pitchfork Classic released an hour long documentary that presents the oral history of the band’s seminal record. Directed by RJ Bentler the film features every member of the band looking back on the making of the album and telling the story of how it all came together. For any Belle and Sebastian fan’s this is a must watch!

This is the third documentary from the “Pitchfork Classic” series. Their first outing looked at the making of The Flaming Lips’ The Soft Bulletin (which I’ve seen and loved) and the second being Modest Mouse’s The Lonesome Crowded West (which I haven’t watched). It’s so wonderful seeing Pitchfork make things like this and hopefully the series will continue long into the future. You can find out more at Pitchfork Classic.

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