Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 2.19

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of 2.19

Oscar Week Diary 2013
If you follow movies or have visited LAIY this week, you may know a big LA happening is upon us all: it’s Oscar Week. Thanks to our friends at Vanity Fair, we got to attend some kind of ridiculous parties that we spoke about on the site this week. Moreover, we shared some special LA/Oscar items all Friday which we’ll talk about more in a minute…

A Tour Of Gensler Los Angeles
International architecture and consulting company Gensler has a fantastic Downtown space in an old Bank of America. It feels like a more high tech cousin to Wieden-Kennedy’s Portland office and is super, super fabulous. We’d love work here!

Questions With A Visitor: Terre Thaemiltz, AKA DJ Sprinkles
Terre Thaemiltz is the best working house artist around. Hands down. He’s making his long awaited LA debut at a show tomorrow night. We had the chance to speak with him about his thoughts on LA. What does he think? We’ll just say he won’t be moving here any time soon…

Billy By Tyler Adams
Tyler Adams is a young fashion photographer currently attending Art Center. He does a great job with editorial photography but his personal work, where he gets weird, is super great. The best example of this is his series Billy which sees a genderless/genderfull androgynous guy. He is super colorful and juxtaposed against LA and the result is an almost futuristic, not LA photo set. It’s great.

Oscar Prints From Gallery 1988
One of our favorite things we shared in our Friday Oscar postings was some work The Academy commissioned Gallery 1988 to do. It included everything from an Olly Moss interpretation of every year’s big Oscar wins to Nan Lawson making cutesy cinema Valentine’s. This is a huge collaboration and we’re so glad it happened: a rare moment of The Industry supporting local art!

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