Space Suit of the Week

Snurk - Astronaut Duvet

Snurk - Astronaut Duvet 2

Dream big. Dutch ‘horizontal living’ design firm Snurk unveiled their latest duvet cover featuring an exact replica of a European Space Agency (ESA) spacesuit, right down to the last buckle mirrors of the European spacewalkers. Now when you’re tucked up in bed, you’ll be counting exoplanets rather than sheep. As much as I love the concept and the beautiful product photographs that accompany it, I do really wish they included a young girl and/or someone with a little diversity. Astronauts/Cosmonauts is an exclusively bro club–but we all can dream.

Found via HiComsumption. Thanks to Alex, Jenny, & Isaac for the tip-off.

February 22, 2013 / By